Monday Booze News cocktail book reboots, France bartender thinks he's in a US Frat, and now you can taste wine before you buy

Monday Booze News served with a side of cowboy //

Monday Booze News beer is good for your hair, win some tequila, and more craft than you actually need

Monday Booze News: you can still win some tequila for one more day //

Monday Booze News Mai Tai food pairing, you'd want to drink this soap, and last week to vote Stir and Strain for Saveur Best Blog Awards

Dive In to today's Booze News //

Monday Booze News Small Hand Foods giveaway, ice cream beer, and you can carbonate your booze now at home

Monday Booze News Bloody Mary Time //

Monday Booze News Beer, beer, gin and Leonardo da Vinci

Monday Booze News at the Tonga Hut Again //

Monday Booze News Powdered alcohol, whole fried chicken garnishes and the insanity that is booze on the internet

Monday Booze News TIki Time //

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Monday Booze News: Stir and Strain is a Saveur Finalist!!!

Interrupting your regularly scheduled Booze News to bring you this:

Saveur 2015 Finalist //

It is with many thanks and blushing cheeks that I announce to you all that Stir and Strain has been nominated again this year as a finalist for the Saveur Best Blog awards. Thank you to everyone who nominated me! Voting begins today and goes all the way until April 30th. Don’t worry, I won’t ask you every single day to vote for me. However, I would super appreciate it if you did cast a vote for Stir and Strain!

Regular Booze News will start up again next week. This kinda trumps the rest of the stories I had planned.

Monday Booze News drink a Grasshopper with no shame, check out this massive tiki home bar and a James Bond contest

Monday Booze News and a new edition of Imbibe! //

Monday Booze News Powdered booze is back on the table, so are blue drinks, and on Tuesday everyone's under it

Draaaaanks on Monday Booze News //

Monday Booze News #TeamAmarettoSour, #GhostbusterCocktails, and #TippingIsGood



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