Monday Booze News: Stir and Strain is a Saveur Finalist!!!

Interrupting your regularly scheduled Booze News to bring you this:

Saveur 2015 Finalist //

It is with many thanks and blushing cheeks that I announce to you all that Stir and Strain has been nominated again this year as a finalist for the Saveur Best Blog awards. Thank you to everyone who nominated me! Voting begins today and goes all the way until April 30th. Don’t worry, I won’t ask you every single day to vote for me. However, I would super appreciate it if you did cast a vote for Stir and Strain!

Regular Booze News will start up again next week. This kinda trumps the rest of the stories I had planned.

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ALSO: nominations for the 2015 Saveur Best Blog awards have opened up. If you’ve enjoyed reading this and looking at all the pretty cocktails I make, please consider Stir & Strain with a nomination! Here’s the link!

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