Monday Booze News get served booze in your underwear, experts say to drink a bottle of wine a day, and the magic food that prevents drunkenness

Took me only 2 minutes to spill this full glass of wine in front of 70 food bloggers this weekend.

Monday Booze News turning leftovers into cocktails, collecting vintage barware, and that drink smells like an ashtray

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Monday Booze News mustard in cocktails, bourbon cheese, and the history of shooters with David Wondrich

Booze News: Bloody Mary Poutine //

Monday Booze News vote Stir and Strain for Saveur's Best Cocktail Blog, have a blue drink with no shame, and foie gras cocktails

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Monday Booze News Tiki umbrellas have a history, missile shaped vodka bottles, and Stir & Strain was nominated for Saveur's Best Cocktail Blog

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Monday Booze News: drink out of a dead squirrel, rookie home bartender mistakes, and that IS a pizza in your Bloody Mary

I put a cocktail in an ice sphere this week.

Monday Booze News salted cocktails, rats for free beer and puppies will explain mezcal to you

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Monday Booze News: mushroom cocktails, Del’s lemonade shandy and George Washington was a lush

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Monday Booze News: Spirited Awards nominations, Al Capone’s cocktail shaker, and brunch is gonna suck in NYC now

Booze News: tales nominations, al capone's shaker and brunch sucks in NYC now //

Monday Booze News: the Bloody Mary turns 80, Tiki is still not dead and is that olive oil in your drink


Very, very early birthday gift of ancient stir sticks.
Very, very early birthday gift of ancient stir sticks.