Happy National Margarita Day!

When did we, the world, decide to make almost every day of the year a food/drink holiday? Sometime in 2010?

Hey, I’m not going to pass up a day dedicated to tacos or, in this case, Margaritas. I’m just going to go with it.

Need some inspirational cocktail recipes? Here are my two takes on the Margarita. Cheers!

El Jardín de mi Abuela


The Bar Keeper Margarita


Want even more Margarita inspiration? Check out my Stir & Strain Pinterest board for some recipes I pinned.

In the Garden

Just a quick update.

If you look up ^^ you may have noticed that the “On the Shelves” section now has the longer title of “On the Shelves/In the Garden”. I wanted to include what I am growing at home because these ingredients make up the seasonal nature of some of the drinks I make. It’s a goal of mine to expand greatly upon this section.

Besides the rewarding nature of actually producing something from a seed, it’s also satisfying to go outside, pick something from a garden and then use it as a star in whatever that day’s drink (or food) is.

I’m seriously looking forward to picking these guys when they’re ready:
And making a Bloody Mary with them.

Check back for updates. I’ll be changing stuff out seasonally.