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The Grog Log: Completed

tongahut-groglog-completeThumb’s up!

So back in June I let you all in on a project I was completing at a local tiki bar, the Tonga Hut, where I was drinking my way through ALL of the drinks in the Jeff Berry book the Grog Log. Well guys, mission accomplished. I now feel like my tiki palate has expanded and if you’re in need of a go-to tiki drink, well, I can help you with that.

I wanted to compile all the Instagram photos I took of the drinks but it looks like after a few rounds I didn’t always tag them correctly, so here’s just a sampling of concoctions from the past year.tongahut-compilation

If you’re not local to the Los Angeles area but want to complete your own Tiki Cocktail training, you can score a copy of the Grog Log online through Amazon and start charting your boozy expedition today.

Now on to the next challenge!

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