Tales of the Cocktail Has Begun (but I’m stuck here reading the blog)

If you’re even slightly interested in cocktails, you probably are aware that Tales of the Cocktail has begun down in New Orleans (no? you don’t know what I’m talking about? Read about it here and get ready to be jealous). This was on my ‘maybe’ plans but pretty much got written off due to an overabundant work load for both myself and my husband. Boo hoo and oh well. Honestly I’m crap trying to function in high temps with even higher humidity levels. So I’m vicariously living through the outstanding number of blogs covering the events, the parties and anything else thrown in between. Since there are too many places covering it and not wanting to leave any people out, a good starting place if you also want to be in the know would be the blog for Tales of the Cocktail itself: HERE. If you’ve discovered the wonderful thing that is the google reader, you can just add that RSS feed on there and periodically check out what’s happening.  There’s also a twitter feed, but since I have to be dragged kicking and screaming into figuring out how that works, I’ll let you all figure out how to get on there yourselves.

I’m heading out to spend my lunch break catching up and making notes of new products and recipes.



Also, on Bon Appetit this morning ran into THIS post on the front page. Erik over at the Savoy Stomp blog summed up my shared opinion a couple months back in a nice, well articulated argument against what seems to be a mounting backlash to those in the world who enjoy mixology, well crafted cocktails, etc… , read it here. I put this link in here because otherwise my only response was to read the Bon App article in the voice of Andy Rooney and you’ll get a laugh. To each his own, but still, funnier in a crotchety old man voice.

Squeeze Those Lemons

For a couple weeks now I have been racking my brain trying to come up with ideas on how to use all these lemons I have. And keep getting. Then the other night while I was cutting open a lemon to use for a drink and having to dirty up a knife, and a cutting board, and my fingers… I thought how much simpler this would be to just have a large amount of the freshly squeezed stuff on hand. Duh.

Bar professional after bar professional keeps stressing how important it is to have fresh squeezed juices on hand for drinks. But really, citrus season lasts only so long. And I do not have a food service truck arriving at my back door daily with crates of produce to use. So for those of us who are more than likely at our house mixing drinks, when it is that time of the year for citrus, squeeze the crap out of those lemons, and limes, and if you want to then some oranges too. Measure them out, pour into ziplock bags and freeze them. Bam. Juice when you need it. Now, I am still for using the alive lemon when on hand. But I like the idea of having a nice big stash on hand too.

I just finished zesting some lemons for the limoncello recipe and was annoyed at the fact that the recipe I had on hand said to wait a couple weeks and use new lemons. Why? Go ahead and juice the lemons you just used, label the bag and stick it in the freezer. Then you just need to defrost the bag maybe the night before you know you will need to use the juice. No waste. I hate wasting food and you should too.