Holiday Gift Guide: Beer Me

Wishing you beer readers a Hoppy Christmas!

Holiday Gift Guide: Beer Me //

What to get the beer lover in your life? Well, beer to start. Let them tinker in their basement with their own brew this year. Find them a beautiful jug to store it in, and then outfit their home bar with some cool glasses. And if that’s too fancy, a rustic sign and a reusable red cup lets them relive their college days (minus the landfill waste). What goes best with beer? Pizza! And if that’s not enough, let them lather themselves in the sweet, sweet aroma of…beer.

1. Irish Stout Beer Brewing Kit 2. Beer Chiller 3. Pizza Bottle Opener 4. Beer Salt 5. Beer Soap 6. Reusable Red “Plastic” Cup 7. uKeg Matte Black Growler 8. Beer Tasting Set 9. Brewski Sign


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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2014

My dad will probably get a phone call with an uncertain promise of “it’s in the mail” next week. But you don’t have to be that person! Here’s a roundup of some rugged cocktail accessories Dad might like.

Father's Day Gift Guide 2014 //


Dad’s can always use some updated bar tools. And if your Dad is into wine, then a leather pouch to discretely put that wine opener might be much appreciated. Let him get DIY with making his beer, and then he might even want to cook with it! And if all else fails, buy him some scotch and immortalize him as his favorite drink.

1. Traveling bar kit 2. The Craft Beer Cookbook 3. Brass bottle opener 4. Homebrew beer making kit 5. Jumbo Cocktail Shaker 6. Ardbeg Islay Single Malt Scotch 7. Drinkify Me! 8. Leather wine opener pouch