Monday Booze News Applebee's needs to rethink their cocktail program, drunk animals, and sassy bourbon robots

Monday Booze News: A bee walks into a bar //

Monday Booze News there's a turkey in your gin, you're drinking champagne wrong, and nursery rhymes are filled with drunk people

Monday Booze News: bar cart it //

Monday Booze News Booze: the cure for allergies, the common cold, and your stupid coworkers

Monday Booze News: tiny bottles of booze //

Monday Booze News Beer sneakers, boozy pickles, and placebo cocktails

Monday Booze News // Put a pineapple flower on it //

Monday Booze News goldfish are lushes, weirdo whiskey, and ditching the plastic straw

Monday Booze News: wine coolers are the new black //

Monday Booze News Fried chicken beer, booze in space, and the secret to a good dive bar

Monday Booze News: getting fresh //

Monday Booze News Queen's booze schedule, please stop talking about rosé and smelling wine makes you S-M-R-T

Monday Booze News: stick a flower on it //

Monday Booze News stockpile your bourbon, get some tiny clothespins, and watch as the craft cocktail movement slowly dies

Monday Booze News: craft cocktails are slowly dying //

Monday Booze News history of the cocktail party, umami drinks, and gettin lignin with it nah nah nah nah nah nah nah

Monday Booze News: breaking spirit news //

Monday Booze News Last week to nominate us for the Saveur awards! Also, wine coolers.

Monday Booze News: matcha hands up in here //