Spring Drinking 2016

Spring Drinking 2016 // stirandstrain.com

It may not feel like Spring where you are, but here in Los Angeles many of us are scratching our heads asking where is this wet, cold weather we were all told was coming. But in just a few weeks it will be Spring, so everyone’s new cocktail menus are going to start rolling out around town. (In fact, they’ve already started and you can peep a few like these above ^^^) Keep your eyes tuned to the Stir and Strain Instagram and Snapchat for the next few weeks as we test drive some menus here (and beyond!).

Cocktails on the Fly // Updates!

Elanabean is now Stirandstrain // stirandstrain.comIf you’ve been following along with me on Instagram lately you would know I have no idea what this “Dryunary” nonsense is all about. Not drink? For a month? Why not just drink better and don’t overdo it so you don’t have to end up explaining to your boss you’re two hours late for work because you passed out on the floor of a taxi and the driver forgot you were in there when he parked it in the garage overnight?

Drink better. That’s my resolution. Also, clean up my various social media presences. This weekend everything is changing to the /stirandstrain/ handle. It makes sense when that’s your brand and most people spell your name wrong anyway. So that means twitter, instagram and pinterest.

How about making your next resolution to click on all those links and follow along in the Stir & Strain universe? No pressure. You can also click on all those other web links and check out some awesome sites that may be new to you. New year, new you and stuff.

Instagramming Some Cocktail Quickies

So definitely for sure I can promise a recipe coming at you this week.




But until then, you should head over to my Instagram account where I’ll be adding some photos of quick drink ideas. This is pretty much my “Cocktail Quickie” section, which I’ve now deemed not enough content for the blog (watch that change in two months…). However, I see it more like, you want a cocktail, but you want it NOW and you don’t need to pull a jigger out and make a mess. I’ll tell you how to be quick and dirty.

I don’t know how to make this super easy for you to click a link and it makes Instagram pop up in your phone. Just type out stirandstrain and you’re there.

Also, if you want more fun things to look at check out EVERYONE ELSE WHO WRITES A COCKTAIL BLOG attending Tales of the Cocktail right now. I’m trying to keep up with them at home, but if I keep at it I won’t make it into work tomorrow. For everyone there, be safe, have fun, hydrate. You lucky SOBs.