How ‘Bout An Old Fashioned?

It occurred to me today I’ve never made an Old Fashioned. Drank many of them, but never actually made any. And with the arrival of a GIANT bottle of Angostura bitters in the house (do they make a small bottle even?) now is the time for making one. Apparently there is a lot of hub-bub on how to properly make one. In my opinion, the less you mess with a classic the better it is.

1 sugar cube (La Perruche is in the house)
2 dashes of Angostura Bitters
2-3 drops of water
2-1/2oz Bourbon (I used Buffalo Trace)
1 lemon peel

Drop the sugar cube in an Old Fashioned glass. On top of that sugar cube drop the water and the bitters, muddle together. Add the bourbon and stir together to mix. Add 2 ice cubes. If you can successfully ignite a lemon peel (or orange peel- I would have chosen the orange but alas, none in the house), spark it and drop into the glass. If you’re like me, and have been shown by the bartender at Bigfoot West about 30 times now how to do this, but immediately forget once home- maybe consider muddling the peel with the sugar, or just giving it a good twist and dropping it in the glass. Tip back.

No notes. Just enjoyed some bourbon with aromatics.

Try 30- still not a success.


2 Responses to “How ‘Bout An Old Fashioned?”

  1. In a flamed twist, you don’t ignite the peel, but you ignite the oils expressed when you squeeze it over the drink. Some bartenders will gently heat the peel with the flame to get some of the caramelization and other heat effects started early, but I am not convinced this does much.

    • I think the photo might be misleading. I was trying to squirt out the oils to ignite them, but at some point I just gave up on it. The peel was either too dainty and just broke when squeezed- or no squirts. Muddling it in there ending up being just fine. I do think that the ‘aroma’ of warm orange oil is appealing in some drinks though.


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