Low Rent Cocktail of the Month: A Shot of C

emergency-lrc-1I have a small staff that I manage at my day job. They’re an amusing lot. Conversations tend to be about food, not surprising considering where we work, my confessions of trashy tv I’ve been watching lately and occasionally cocktails. The other day my main assistant, or at least the one I yell over at the most, was describing “cocktails” that he and his roommates make at home and immediately I figured I’d use one for this month’s LRC.

Besides the obvious Red Bull and Vodka which I believe was one of their first choices for drinks at home, one rather timely cocktail for this winter was the combination of Emergen-C and vodka. To paraphrase my assistant, “It’s surprisingly good”.

So in the name of curiosity, here we go…

1 packet of orange flavored Emergen-C
2-1/2 oz. vodka, chilled

Mix the two in a small rocks glass and shoot it back. No need to sip this one.

While this “cocktail” isn’t made with real citrus, it is close enough to fit in with the current theme of citrus cocktails. Right? Right. There’s vitamins in there somewhere.

Flavor-wise you’re looking at what you’d expect to taste with one of those vitamin packs, backed by a throat-ripping burn of vodka. FYI, do NOT ever drink this room temp.


16 Responses to “Low Rent Cocktail of the Month: A Shot of C”

  1. this was fun. I’ll never ever make it but I guess that’s not really the point. awesome shots again. I was on Etsy a day before you posted about Etsy based on your previous suggestions and I got lost.

  2. Love your blog – found you through Joy the Baker. Holy crap…this LRC sounds awesome & horrible at the same time. Great post!

  3. Zinjanthropus

    If you served it at room temperature you’d probably taste it too much.

  4. LMFAO! I’ve only read this one post so far, but it definitely had me giggling, thus intriguing me to explore your blog further. Even the comments had me snickering… You must have a way with words considering you aroused curiosity among half of the folks who commented regarding drinking the LRC at room temperature. I find it oddly amusing that their minds went to God knows what versus the obvious conclusion that it probably just tastes horrible! But who knows…maybe I’m the cocktail up-and-comer!


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