Low Rent Cocktail of the Month: Jesus Juice

jesus juice cocktail // stir and strainMarch seems to scream Irish Car Bombs for the Low Rent Cocktail of the month (but that’s not cool so we won’t do that), but seeing as we’ve covered Jameson and Baileys already, I thought we’d tackle Easter instead. Apart from bunnies and eggs, I’m sure there is a large part of the population who actually think JESUS for this holiday (think of the man, not just proclaim the name). So today we get to know the abomination that is Jesus Juice.

I have a feeling we may have just cleared the room a bit with this post. But let us carry on.
Trying to find a ‘recipe’ for this started to border on ridiculous as you will find that everyone has their own version. I laugh when I see people trying to be fancy. Put the Cassis DOWN people. You cannot gussie this up! I recalled there being wine involved. And soda pop. Maybe there was Everclear in this too? Oof, maybe it’s smart to steer away from the Everclear.jesus juice players
Like most of the Low Rent Cocktails, I just threw everything together, closed my eyes and took a sip. I didn’t die, but I wanted to.
Red Wine meet Diet Dr. Pepper.
4 oz Red Wine (Malbec)
4 oz Diet Doctor Pepper
Build over ice in a double rocks glass.
jesus juice2
Depending on what cola and wine you use, there will be varying levels of sweet and spicy. I imagine if you find red wine too strong, this is one way to water that down. Dr. Pepper and Malbec resulted in a syrupy, peppery concoction that had me exclaiming a couple names from the Holy Trinity.
More research would show how this morphed from a drink I’m familiar with in some older blues songs called Wine Spodieodie, a mixture of cheap red wine and whatever you have got around to make it taste good. It’s also a fantastic song, covered by so many talented musicians over the years. You can read a bit about it here if you’re interested in old blues and such.
Happy Easter! jesus juice napkin

11 Responses to “Low Rent Cocktail of the Month: Jesus Juice”

  1. Hmm, I’ve made kalimotxos before, which are basically the same thing but with coke, and I hate to say it but they were absurdly good. And refreshing. Now I am feeling the deep need to try it Dr. Pepper-style.

    • I’ve never heard of that version before! Where are you from? It’s kinda fascinating to see the regional variations on this drink.

      • I’m from St. Louis originally but I saw the drink on the spoon fork bacon blog. I think it’s a basque drink…

  2. RachelFD

    Yes! This is a version of a kalimotxo. I drank them all the time when I was in northern Spain. They also make a lovely summer version with white wine and clear soda (usually Sprite). The goal is to make the cheapest wine possible a bit more palateable. We drank these in the streets during the summer (botellón at its finest).

    Lovely blog!

    • What kind of red wine sweet or does it not matter. I’m drinking a glass of red wine now and I’m not liking it.

  3. Karen

    Cant wait to try this – I dont like red wine, but it’s all my friend tends to keep at hers, so when I go there I end up mixing it with orange juice (which is pretty good too actually) – so gonna try it with Dr Pepper next time! Thank you 🙂

  4. this isnot the authentic Jesus Juice I drank in the 2k’s. the original included hypnotiq and more energy drinks. nice variation though, good job

  5. This is funny. I literally just made myself a glass of red wine and diet dr pepper. It’s so good, I googled it to see if anyone else agrees. I obviously have nothing else to do with my time right now.


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