Mixology Monday LXXVII Announcement: SMOKE!

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Hot on the heels of August’s theme of Fire, this month’s Mixology Monday is its oft-time companion and huckleberry friend: Smoke.

They say where there’s smoke, there’s fire– it isn’t necessarily true if we’re down to the smoldering embers, but, well, they say it anyway. In our case, where there was fire, now there’s smoke, and it’s time to stoke your enthusiasm for the next challenge.

Smoke has been everywhere this past year, from liquors to lemonades, to the hills here in Southern California(!); smoke in its many forms has been front page news.

For me, smoke is also a transitional element: it symbolizes the last summer bonfires, sitting around the fire pit making s’mores, and the start of the fragrant crackles from the fireplace announcing that fall is coming.

For September’s theme, I’d like to see how you interpret smoke. With your liquor or ingredients? Your glassware? Will you whip out a chemistry set to transform your cocktail into ghostly vapors? Do you own a home smoker, still in the box, that’s never been used? Well then, you’re welcome. Unpack those ideas and let’s set off a couple smoke alarms this month for MxMo.

Here’s the rundown:

1. Create a cocktail using the element of smoke interpreted in whatever way you see it.
2. Post the recipe on your blog, or the egullet’s spirit and cocktail’s forum (thread HERE), with a photo and your thoughts on the drink.
3. Add the MxMo logo to your post with a link to the Mixology Monday website, and one back here to Stir & Strain.
4. Submit a link to your post here on the announcement post, tweet me at @elanabean (include hashtag #mxmo) or send an email to elana (at) stirandstrain (dot) com with Mixology Monday in the subject.
5. Posts must be submitted by midnight September 23rd.

Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with! Have fun and we’ll all meet back up the week of the 23rd for the roundup.


The Smoking Jacket Cocktail from the Los Angeles Bar 1886. That glass is all smoke.
The Smoking Jacket Cocktail from the Los Angeles Bar 1886. That glass is all smoke.

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