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My fist submission this month for Mixology Monday actually became a recipe idea about a few months ago from a recommended drink at a bar. It’s a part of why this month’s theme was SMOKE. Out at a local restaurant, asking for the bartender’s recommendation while waiting on some friends to show for dinner, we were served a dram of a Whisky called Brimstone. My eyes rolled back in my head as I tasted this incredibly strong, insanely smoky liquid. It was akin to someone just pouring smoke down my throat, and I loved it. I’ve waxed poetic enough on this site to let you all know that woodsmoke is a heavenly smell for me. And being able to drink down that wonderful aroma is like a drink of the gods. Or something in a similar vein.

So we picked up a bottle to have on hand and realized one thing about it, it is really strong, like, one and I’m done strong. Mainly in part because the smoke really is so powerful. Sometimes even I can’t handle that much smoke. That is when the quest to find a cocktail to put this guy in began.

There are many bottles on my shelf that are relegated to the back positions. Not because I don’t know what to do with them…. only I don’t know what to do with them right now. My beautiful bottle of Chartreuse was one of those bottles. Then one day looking through some older cocktail recipes I happened upon the Bijou drink and gave it a whirl. It was sweet and vegetal and I couldn’t stop making them. It also seemed like a great match for the Brimstone.green hell cocktail // stirandstrain.com

Initially I tried tweaking the ingredients to see if I could add an Amaro in for the vermouth, but the sharpness of the vermouth is really needed here to balance out the herbal chartreuse and sweeten the whisky.

And the name of the drink? The combo of the green chartreuse and a smoky whisky called Brimstone immediately made me think of the song Green Hell by the Misfits. I wouldn’t even call the Misfits a guilty pleasure (that would be the housewives franchise). In fact, I realized some time ago while playing the ‘stranded island’ game, that I would take the Misfits collection with me for music I could listen to on said island. I love a crooner’s voice and would, with all sincerity, put Danzig in there as a crooner. Even if he’s singing about dead cats and serial killers.green hell cocktail // stirandstrain.com

1-1/2 oz. Balcones Brimstone Corn Whisky
1 oz. Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth
1/2 oz. Green Chartreuse
2 dashes Regan’s Bitters

3-4 mint leaves for garnish

In a mixing glass 2/3 filled with ice, add all ingredients except mint and stir until cold (20-30 seconds). Strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish a side of the glass with mint leaves so that they stick up like little green flames. To do this, drag the bottom half of the leaf through the drink and up on to the side of the glass. The leaf should stick to the inside of the glass. (This could take a try or two).

Woodsmoke is the first aroma that will hit your nose. The color is a deep amber (nope, not green at all). The taste is of woodsmoke with a bittersweet finish. And there are light herbal notes from the chartreuse with hints of citrus.

So this is my first entry for this month’s Mixology Monday. I will have some more smoky fun coming up later in the week. To check on what other’s are submitting, see the announcement post! You can also follow me and Mixology Monday on twitter for retweets and updates.

7 Responses to “Mixology Monday: Green Hell Cocktail”

  1. I too, love smoke, and Balcones Brimstone, which I call a chunk of wood in a glass, is one of my favorite smoked whiskies. I can’t wait to stir up a Green Hell.

    I also love that you named your drink Green Hell. It seems fitting, since Brimstone is distilled in Waco, at the northern edge of central Texas. In the German community of New Braunfels, which is 45 miles the other side of Austin, is the legendary Gruene (green in German) Hall, “the oldest dance hall in Texas.” We Texans love our local products, and assuming Gruene Hall has more than a beer and wine license, this seems like a natural for the menu.

    • I LOVE this kind of info. Thanks! If the Green Hall wanted to make the Green Hell I’d be all for it. Hope you enjoy the drink – it’s a kicker!

  2. The part that caught me was you saying how strong this whiskey seems. Do you think it would be a bit milder with yellow chartreuse or would that make it too sweet? Also, you have the Bitters book, have you been trying the equal parts Regans to Fee brother’s west indian bitters? I’ve been doing that (was doing that) all over the place. Curious if you like that mix or if you’ve given it a go?

    • Raul- I wouldn’t switch to the yellow. In this case, you need to fight strong with strong, or rather balance. Fight seems a bit harsh.

      I HAVE been mixing the bitters! But not all the time, due to laziness. And also, it’s not appropriate for all my drinks that call for orange bitters. I feel like I need to do some blind tastings to really understand more of what I am smelling/tasting.


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