Monday Booze News: drinks on fire, expensive cocktails, and the 2014 trend forecast

Booze News // stirandstrain.comIt pains me to say this, but I find that more and more lately I hear breaking news reports through…twitter. For the longest time I resisted this social media program, until my day job forced me into it. And by forced, I mean realized that if we were not utilizing it for our business then we were dumb and behind the times. So I signed us up.

Initially when food trucks were all the rage (are they still they rage or have we moved on?), twitter was my source for looking up where I might find my favorite hotdog/french fry/whathaveyou vehicle. Then I got swallowed up in it and never escaped. On the other hand, I find out about current events usually AS THEY HAPPEN, and I can go to my grave now knowing what twerking is (apparently not something to do with drugs like I thought) and that I don’t care about ever trying a cronut (can’t we just eat some pie?).

So here’s some boozy news to peruse while you drink your morning coffee and try to look like you’re working. Courtesy of the internet.

4 Responses to “Monday Booze News: drinks on fire, expensive cocktails, and the 2014 trend forecast”

  1. I DO love the smell/taste of grassy things. I’m not a vodka drinker, but that one has me intrigued. Spring and all. And the bottle is cool. And I’m a sucker for names like Oddka.


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