Mixology Monday LXXXV Announcement: Aw, Nuts!

Aw, Nuts! Mixology Monday challenge // stirandstrain.com
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It’s that time again! Time to gather up the cocktail (and food!) bloggers out there to present this month’s cocktail challenge for Mixology Monday.

Last month we took a break from the booze, but not the delicious, as we sought out recipes sans alcohol. For May we’re back at with this month’s theme: Aw, Nuts!

Nuts? Yes! A few months back I tried, and was wowed by, a peanut-y take on an Old Fashioned at a bar here in L.A. They had infused peanuts in bourbon and with a touch of honey had made magic. Nuts of all sorts make it into cocktails now. Some black walnut bitters here, the sweet almond flavor of orgeat there… circus peanuts. Your challenge is to utilize nuts (and since we’re NOT adhering to the strict rules of what are nuts, peanuts and walnuts both count) in any way you see fit to create a cocktail. Infusions, bitters, almond tinctures are all game. Amaretto, homemade nocino, Frangelico too. Go nuts! (…sorry)

Want to participate? Here’s how:

  1. Create a cocktail using nuts of any kind.
  2. Post the recipe on your blog, or the egullet’s spirit and cocktail’s forum (thread here), with a photo and your thoughts on the drink.
  3. Add the MxMo logo to your post with a link to the Mixology Monday website, and one back here to Stir & Strain.
  4. Submit a link to your post here on the announcement post, tweet me at @stirandstrain (include hashtag #mxmo) or send an email to elana (at) stirandstrain (dot) com with Mixology Monday in the subject.
  5. Posts must be submitted by midnight May 19th.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with (and who will be the first to post). As always, have fun and we’ll meet back here the week of the 19th!

29 Responses to “Mixology Monday LXXXV Announcement: Aw, Nuts!”

    • elana

      I am ALL about the inappropriate nut jokes. Thanks for participating this month, it sounds delicious!

  1. Here’s my entry (in French, but with a short summary in English at the end): Joan Blondell Cocktail with Nocino instead of Bénédictine.

  2. elana

    Thanks to all of you guys for participating!! Really enjoying looking over everyone’s entries. Round up post coming later this week!


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