Happy National Rum Day! ...yup another one of those "holidays"

I’m not going to go on a tirade here about the ridiculous amount of non-holiday “holidays” that have sprung up over the past few years. Instead, here’s a reason to drink today: rum.

Rum and I took a little while to get to like each other, but now we’re totally besties. Here’s a few picks of some of my favorite rum drinks on the site. Enjoy!

Smoked Ice Hazy Sunset Cocktail // stirandstrain.comHazy Sunset Cocktail

Mixology Monday: Sweet Corn and Strawberry Smash #Cocktail // stirandstrain.com

Sweet Corn and Strawberry Smash

5 Spice Ti' Punch // stirandstrain.com

5 Spice Ti’ Punch

Cherry Sumac Swizzle Cocktail // stirandstrain.com

Cherry Sumac Swizzle

Mary Pickford Cocktail // stirandstrain.com

Mary Pickford Cocktail

El-El Cocktail // stirandstrain.com

The  El-El After-Dinner Cocktail


3 Responses to “Happy National Rum Day! ...yup another one of those "holidays"

  1. Lea Andersen

    Another great blog. This is the reason why I became your avid visitor, you never failed to amazed me with all of what you’ve sharing to your readers. Keep going @stirandstrain =)


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