{Now Closed} Giveaway // Summer (Cocktail) Reading

Giveaway: Summer Cocktail Books! // stirandstrain.comIf you’ve been pondering what to read at the beach this summer, look no further! Today Stir and Strain in hosting a summer reading giveaway… of boozy books!

Whether you’d like to delve deeper into the mysteries of Vermouth, give yourself a weekend DIY project making shrubs, or chill out with a rum laden tropical treat on your own private island (a.k.a. your couch), these 3 titles will get the job done. Countryman press will be sending one lucky Stir and Strain reader copies of Shrubs: An Old-Fashioned Drink for Modern Times, Vermouth: The Revival of the Spirit that Created America’s Cocktail Culture, and Tiki Drinks: Tropical Cocktails for the Modern Bar. Here’s a little more on each book:

Shrubs: An Old-Fashioned Drink for Modern Times – A definitive introduction to the world of shrubs, from Martha Washington’s secret formula, to recipes utilizing the best of the farmer’s market.

Vermouth: The Revival of the Spirit that Created America’s Cocktail Culture – Vermouth has been an overlooked, under appreciated bar staple for over half a century, but distiller Adam Ford has set out to reclaim it, by telling its unique and fascinating story, and sharing vermouth-centric recipes that showcase some of the nuanced craft vermouths now on the market.

Tiki Drinks: Tropical Cocktails for the Modern Bar – A fun, colorful book packed with recipes for drinks, syrups, creative garnishes and more, all using fresh juices and syrups for balanced flavors.

Giveaway: Summer Cocktail Books! // stirandstrain.comI have been nose deep enjoying these books this past month and I think you all would love them too! Check out the options below to enter and get up to 7 entries to win. Giveaway ends at 11:59pm PST July 14th, 2015. Please see terms and conditions below (sorry, only open to U.S. and Canada residents). Good Luck!

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40 Responses to “{Now Closed} Giveaway // Summer (Cocktail) Reading”

  1. fave beach cocktail? a classic margarita – not from mix, of course!!

  2. Hm, on the beach is tough, American beaches don’t normally allow alcohol. But if I could…it would likely be a very simple light and refreshing drink. Fruity and low alcohol, one doesn’t want to be so tipsy that one forgets sunscreen applications. Probably St. Germain with a little bit of prosecco, a twist of lemon, and club soda. 🙂

  3. Samantha A

    Hmmm favorite cocktail of the summer would have to be a white negroni.

  4. My favorite beach cocktail is one that I had in Hawai’i with a whole edible baby coconut! It was so refreshing and not too sweet.

  5. John Langley

    Mai Tai’s were made for the beach! Rum all day long!

  6. I usually batch up ready to drink whiskey sour with a touch of Aperol. Drinking on beaches is illegal here so I usually put it in an empty juice carton.

  7. Eric Henao (@erichenao)

    Beach drink? Well if I’m not in a beach house, then a cold can of beer. Otherwise, margarita or a daiquiri, properly made of course!

  8. Eric Henao (@erichenao)

    That shrub book BTW is freaking awesome. Making my way through it. So so so good for summer drinks.

  9. Laura

    Anything tart and fruity! Especially if it involves grapefruit.

  10. If it’s really hot out, a nice low-alcohol bul is perfection.

  11. I need some help to fill my newly purchased collection of tiki glasses.

  12. Whitney T

    Hands down I love a pina colada! Nothing says tropical beach like coconut!

  13. Taylor Bushart

    What’s my favorite cocktail on the beach? Definitely a Long Island iced tea. You can’t go wrong with a little rum diary.


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