{Now Closed} Giveaway // Wine Isn’t Rocket Science

Wine might not be rocket science, but you’ll feel a lot smarter talking about wine after you read this book. And today you can win your own copy of Wine Isn’t Rocket Science: A Quick & Easy Guide to Understanding, Buying, Tasting and Pairing Every Type of Wine!

The book debuts today and we’ve got TWO copies we can’t wait to give out. This book is perfect for the beginner oenophiles and seasoned wine lovers alike. There’s lots of easy to understand descriptions and graphics that make the world of wine easy to understand, even for those of you who usually just stick to cocktails.

Included are sections on:

  • Different varietals, highlighting the regions they grow in and key flavor profiles to look for when tasting each varietal.
  • The different production processes of white, red, rosé, Champagne and sweet wines.
  • Opening, pouring and pairing wines perfectly when entertaining guests.
  • Decoding wine labels and tasting wine like a pro.
  • The most productive wine regions around the world, from France, Italy and Spain to the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

So let’s get smart about wine! Enter below and score up to 11 entries to win your own copy of the book. Remember, we’ve got TWO copies up for grabs so tell a friend and you both can win! Good luck!

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13 Responses to “{Now Closed} Giveaway // Wine Isn’t Rocket Science”

  1. Alle L'Eveille

    Would love to win the book! I enjoy receiving the blog. Always something new and inspirational.

  2. Honestly my go to wine has been cafe zinfandel. I’ve had moscatos, rieslings, pino Grigio, pino gris, & pino noir but I feel without the right pair those wines never really fit for me. With cafe Zinfandel I can just sit back with a meal, snack, or just a glass and enjoy it! Would love to learn more about drinking other varieties of wines!

  3. Susan D

    I mostly drink red wine. However , if it’s warm and we are camping or otherwise outdoors – a cold white or sparkling wine hits the spot!

  4. Carol D

    A good dry French rosé is always my go to wine particularly with the hot Texas summers.

  5. Emily Smith

    I’ve just started drinking wine a few months ago, and so far, white is my wine of choice.


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