Detox-Retox New Year’s Bar Cart Styling

Detox. Re-tox. Whatever your tox. Let’s update that bar cart for 2019.

New year New Bar Cart: Detox-Retox Bar Cart Styling //

Time to refresh for the new year. Resolutions? Yes. No. Maybe. A juicer for carrot beet cocktails. A cocktail book that will make them taste delicious. Going dry? Well there’s more than more non-alcoholic booze to try. Please say no to plastic straws. Now your options include hay and more. I’d like a bar cart that matches my mid-century home decor with a brass carbonator and a giant stoneware decanter.

1. Stoneware Decanter 2. Slow Juicer 3. Brass Carbonator 4. Seedlip Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit 5. Clean + Dirty Drinking 6. Detox-Retox Cocktail Napkins 7. Mid-Century Bar Cart 8. Curious Elixirs 9. Hay! Straws


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